بنك طاقة مع كيبل type-c مدمج من Baseus بسعة 10000mAh أبيض

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النوع : BS-P1002

بنك طاقة مع كيبل type-c  مدمج من Baseus

بسعة 10000mAh  

15W high power output
Dual inputs and four outputs
LED mirror digital display
LED digital display enables the real-time viewing of the remaining battery level.
Input iP interface input 1 5V~2AMax.
Type-C interface input 1 5V~3AMax.

    Designed with charging cable

    Designed with the iP charging cable, never worry about forgetting to take the cable when you go out.

    Two-in-one functionality

    It’s both a charging cable and a lanyard.

    Dual inputs and four outputs, support simultaneous power supply for multiple devices, what you need is only one cable when you go out.

    15W output, quick charging and never wait again.

    Name Baseus Qpow Digital Display 3A Power Bank Model No. 1 BS-P1002L Color 1 Black/Red/White Capacity 1 lOOOOmAh / 3.7V (37Wh) Rated Capacity 1 5800mAh Energy conversion rate 1>75 %25

    Total output 1 5V—3A Max.

    USB interface output 1 5V-3A Max.

    Type-C interface output 1 5V-3A Max.

    Type-C  cable output 1 5V—3A Max.

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